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Love Quotes Love Quotes Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes Definitions

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 The goal of life is to be grateful for what you have materially by realizing how lucky you are to have it and never feel smug about your spiritual progress by realizing how many greater saints there are than you and asking the Creator to give you the wisdom to emulate them.

Even a bit of light banishes much darkness!

Even a bit of love banishes much anger!

In life, it is not what we have that makes us happy, it is the attitude towards what we have that makes us happy.

“When I was a young man,” Mr. Behr replied, “I once asked my boss to lend me a crown so that I could buy a lotto ticket. My boss replied, ‘Do you know when you will win the lotto? When you walk down the aisle to your Chupah (marriage canopy), that is when you will have won the lotto.’”

In other words, Mr. Behr was teaching me, that the reason he had a loving, respectful and happy relationship with his wife was because he had always felt like he had won the lotto by marrying her!

The Jewish Sages teach, “Who is wealthy? One who is happy with what s/he has.”

People who get a new lease on life, look at life very, very, differently.

One woman I know, told me, that after being confined to a hospital bed for a few months, one morning as she looked out of the window, she said to herself, “If I ever get out of here, I will never complain for the rest of my life;” and indeed she is perhaps one of the cheeriest people you could ever meet.

People who have survived potentially fatal accidents or illnesses often come out of their experiences with a very great appreciation for the greatest gift of all, the gift of life itself.

The fact is that this world is no accident.

The more science we learn the more we realize that our world is built on a series of miraculous phenomena which by virtue of their consistency deceive us into seeing it as natural.

Nature is in fact anything that is miraculous but repetitive.

Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidus taught, “The first time we see a miraculous phenomena in nature we call it a miracle, the second time we call it nature.”

If you had “x-ray vision,” you would be looking at energy and you wouldn’t see anything physical at all!

You can get an idea of how much energy there is when you realize that an atomic explosion is one of the main energy sources for electricity in our world – supplying millions, if not hundreds of millions of households with electricity – all coming from the energy released when the tiny atom is “split.” And as Einstein writes, the energy released in an atomic explosion is actually just a fraction of the energy contained, (like a wealthy man giving away a thousand dollars, to use his own example.)

So where did all this energy come from? Is it possible that it simply “exists?” Obviously not, for the other side of e=mc2 states that all of the energy ever used can be converted back into matter.

In other words, energy is interchangeable with physical matter, which is bound by time and space and is one of The Creator/Manager’s creations.

As a creation, matter needs to have a beginning.

In the study of Kabbalah, we are taught that The Creator/Manager “spoke” the world into existence.

This means that The Creator/Manager’s “speech” creates our reality – the trees, rocks, water, and everything that we see and take for granted.

However, there is a fundamental difference between what The Creator/Manager makes and what man makes. What man makes, is in fact, only a change of status of material properties, so every component in your “brilliant” computer is in fact taken from something that was already created by The Creator/Manager, from the silicon to the gold, from the plastic to the metallic parts etc. There isn’t a single component in your computer that doesn’t actually come from the ground.

Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov teaches that we will never cease to benefit from the amazing myriad of natural metals and minerals that our loving Creator placed within the earth’s crust for the sake of mankind’s use.

The earth’s crust, including all that is within it, did not exist prior to creation. Therefore, the earth must continually be recreated in order for it to exist.

Anything that doesn’t inherently exist, needs another creative force constantly creating it, in order for it to continuously exist.

If you were to take away the building blocks of matter – The Creator/Manager’s “speech” – there would simply be nothing, and we would be unable to make anything at all!

 All of our technology is dependent on a far greater technology – The Creator/Manager’s “speech” – which is continually recreating reality.

In other words, The Creator/Manager is always speaking/imagining the world into its present natural format.

Every atom ever created needs to be continually spoken into existence. Although we are given the ability to manufacture computers, rockets and the like, this does not change the fact that continuous creation is necessary for these secondary products to exist; for without the raw atoms constantly being spoken into existence there would be no materials to create secondary products.

In fact physicists have proven this and we can witness that atoms are continually popping in and out of existence as you can see on the documentary What The Bleep Do We Know. The Kabbalah wrote about this process thousands of years ago and called it Rotzu Vshov, that the creative energy emanates from the Creator and continually returns back, in an ongoing cycle, forward and return – in and out – of The Creator/Manager.

Now just as when you imagine something your brain is recreating the picture for as long as you imagine it, similarly in order for our universe with all of the raw materials in it to exist The Creator/Manager is re-imagining/re“speaking” every part of the universe into existence all the time!

In fact the words Abra Cadabrah come from the two Hebrew words, “Ibarah C’dabrah” which means “I create when I speak.”

Another good example to help us understand continuous creation comes from screens. Depending on the type of screen you have, every single second the picture on your screen is refreshed/redrawn a few hundred times. This is why you need a screen saver, for if the computer refreshes the same screen for long periods of time, sometimes the picture gets imbedded into the screen. This means that every time you look at the Recycle Bin in your computer it has been redrawn thousands of times. In other words, your Recycle Bin is a functional tool in a two dimensional computerized world, whereas the garbage can in your kitchen works in a three dimensional world; They both, however serve the same fundamental purpose, getting rid of garbage; and they both need a higher technology to make them continually appear, giving you, the user, a functional tool.

 This being the case, it is only right to thank The Creator/Manager for what we already have, for it is merely due to his great ongoing kindness that our universe, including you and I, continually exist.

The Creator and Manager of the World is very different from human beings whom mainly seek to gain. The Creator/Manager is looking to give – as the Jewish Sages teach – that the reason why The Creator/Manager made the world was in order to have people to give to, for in their words “It is the nature of a good (person) to give.”

We must realize that The Creator/Manager has already given us so very much!

When we are aware of these gifts, we start realizing that there is a Being who loves us unconditionally, gives to us unconditionally, and only desires what is good - for our sakes - and not for His sake.

Someone I know was once going through a severe financial crisis. He called up his wealthy father who bailed him out. I asked his father, “How come you didn’t help your son earlier?”
“Because,” he replied, “he didn’t ask.” So it is also good to ask The Creator/Manager for what you want.

Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov explains that what comes to us from The Creator/Manager is actually a reflection of our own happiness and disposition.

If we are full of joy, kind to others, merciful and compassionate, then The Creator/Manager will bestow joy, kindness, mercy and compassion upon us.

Why is our mood so important? I think our attitude reflects our fundamental belief. By being happy we are fundamentally saying that “Fundamentally I believe that The Creator/Manager is good and therefore He will give me what I need.” However by being sad, depressed, or despondent we are fundamentally saying, “The world is a negative place and I believe I will not receive my needs.”

The reason we get into a negative space is unfortunately due to negative experiences.

“What goes around comes around,” is a true saying, albeit with a time delay involved, which results in our failing to recognize the truth of it.

The reason for this delay is as follows: if we were immediately rewarded or punished for our wrongdoings we would never do anything wrong.

I recall that as a child I once asked The Creator/Manager to punish me whenever I did something wrong, for then I would know that The Creator/Manager existed. This is, in fact, the only real reason why we question The Creator/Manager’s existence.

How can it be that a good person suffers while an evil person prospers? There are many explanations for this. For example sometimes The Creator/Manager gives a “reward” to a bad person in this world, but this so-called “reward” is actually a negative payout, for it prevents him or her from receiving the great bliss of Heaven.

Sometimes The Creator/Manager brings suffering upon the righteous person for infractions in this world, reserving for them the reward of everlasting bliss in the world-to-come. In fact our sages teach us that a drop of suffering in this world erases mountains of pain in the next.

We are taught that we can have “karmic debts,” which means that if I owed someone a sum of money in a previous lifetime, that money may be forcibly taken from me and restored to its reincarnated owner in a future lifetime. There are many stories from the Jewish mystics that prove this.

Additionally, we may have “karmic debts” in this lifetime, as the following story demonstrates. I once bought a computer from a friend of mine and at the last minute he threw in an old screen for about $15.00. To cut a long story short, I had only brought the money for the hard-drive and thus did not pay him for the screen. A few months later the screen had one of those Microsoft “Fatal Exceptions” and refused to work. I thought, “Why did this happen?” Remembering that I did not pay my friend, I paid him the very next night when I saw him at a wedding, and lo and behold, the very next day someone needed to borrow my computer – he was perhaps the best programmer in the country (South Africa) and he happened to come to where the computer was for a totally unrelated reason and after approximately forty-five minutes he managed to fix Microsoft’s “Fatal Exception!” and I was up and running again like nothing ever happened.

The essence of the story is, “what goes around comes around,” both for the good and for the bad.

But more importantly, it is extremely wise to be happy, joyful, loving, grateful, giving, sharing, compassionate and helpful, for we are by so doing, creating our own future destinies!

Our lives on earth are not predetermined, but rather based on the energy/input we give to Heaven, which is then mirrored back to us.

You may not know this, but Heaven was created for earth, and not the other way around.

Everything that is above and below is part of the Divine plan to give you the freedom to choose – without being forced to – between goodness i.e. selflessness, compassion, sharing, caring etc. and evil i.e. selfishness, insensitivity, arrogance, and caring only for oneself while disregarding others.

In other words, the reason The Creator/Manager allows the perception of evil and injustice to occur is to give you the freedom to willfully choose good over bad!

If The Creator/Manager immediately punished you every time you did something bad, as I requested for myself, then we would lose the perception that evil can exist, and thus we would be forced to choose good, which would not make it good anymore. For example, if somebody holds a gun to another’s head G-d forbid and forces them to give charity, we couldn’t exactly call the giver a charitable man under such a compelling circumstance.

When we are not compelled neither through recognizable punishment nor reward our good deeds are truly such.

In groundbreaking research Dr. Emoto shows that water crystals react to our prayers, intentions, words, and emotions.

The Tanya, one of the classic books of Jewish mysticism, written over two hundred years ago by the great Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, clearly describes three basic zones of reality: 1) Good 2) Neutral 3) Evil.

Included in Zone 1 (Good) are those things that we make blessings over – such as when we thank G-d for the food we eat – or when we use food for good deeds, such as giving food to hungry people. So at that time our energy and the molecules creating the food comes directly from The Creator/Manager.

In Zone 2 (the neutral zone) are most objects that are currently untainted (positively or negatively) by humans and are thus waiting for you and I to elevate them in order to receive energy directly from The Creator/Manager.

In fact Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov teaches that neutral water will have to wait hundreds or even millennia for a good person to thank G-d for the water they are going to drink.

Zone 3 (evil) contains the negative forces, which include anger, revenge, harming others, etc.

In other words, if I eat an apple and then use the energy it gives me to insult someone, at that time those atoms are energized via the demons, because G-d Himself refuses to sustain negativity directly.

There is a cosmic system behind everything that we call reality. Obviously only The Creator/Manager can create, and He is the source of all good and kind things, but when negativity needs to be created then the energy travels from The Creator/Manager Himself through demons.

It is in the interest of the demons to get you to do something wrong for then they receive the energy to thrive because they tap into the energy The Creator/Manager gives them to sustain you at that time.

The Yetzer Hara desires to trap you, for the only way he can feel good is through your devotion of energy towards negativity.

There are three levels we can ascend, be or descend to:

 A. love

B. indifference

C. evil/malice to compensate for a low self-image!

Incidentally, kosher food corresponds to these three zones. Kosher food begins in the “neutral zone” and takes on a positive energy if used for something positive, such as when one uses the energy from the food to help someone else.

Non-kosher food in Hebrew is also called “Assur,” which means tied down. As it is locked up in the third negative zone, therefore it cannot be elevated even if one uses the energy for something good.

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu

Love Quotes  Love Quotes Lovely Quotes For Friendss On Life For Her Tumblr In Hindi Imagess For Husband On Friendship For Girlfriend In Urdu